Candidate for 2016 ACS President-Elect




I’m refining the specifics of my platform, but click here for the areas that I feel must be addressed.


At the Council Meeting in late March 2015, I was selected from one of four nominees as a candidate for ACS 2016 President-Elect, with the final election to be decided by all ACS Members in October 2015.  Here are the vote tallies from the March 2015 Council election:

Outcome of 2015 Council Election (* indicates elected candidates)

*G. Bryan Balazs 330

*Allison A. Campbell 194

David J. Lohse 111

Christopher J. Welch 182

Total votes cast: 817

Click here for a summary of my ACS Leadership and Volunteer Activities

What was it they were saying about kissing babies while on the campaign trail…?

Younger chemists are the future of our Society!!

Younger chemists are the future of our Society!!