It’s time to focus on our Members!


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My first email to all ACS members went out in early August.  I am honored to be the recipient of so many responses of encouragement, great ideas and suggestions.  Keep ’em coming!!

We can (and must) change things to help our members!

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“Bryan will be a very effective President in these difficult times.” – Attila E. Pavlath, ACS President 2001

“He does not shy away from rolling up his sleeves to lead activities and get work done. I applaud his willingness to be a candidate for ACS 2016 President-Elect, and I know he will do an awesome job if elected.” – Dr. Amber S. Hinkle, Vice President HSEQ-OS Baytown, Bayer Material Science

“Bryan’s sound judgement, strong communication skills, professional experience at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, and extensive prior service to the ACS are all factors that make him an excellent choice for the office of President.” – Professor Joe Heppert

“I found Bryan to be a natural and caring leader.  He is fully engaged in bringing new ideas to the Society while encouraging broad input and importantly, follows through to turn those ideas into results!” – Dawn A. Brooks

“Bryan has been a strong proponent of chemistry education and cares passionately about all students.  He has the vision, passion, and compassion to lead the Society.” – John Clevenger and Thomas Higgins

“Bryan is dedicated and passionate about education and helping members to advance their careers.” – Dr. Sadiq Shah

“Bryan not only has his finger on the pulse of the society and the pressures that face us today, but he can clearly articulate the concerns of the membership and work with all constituencies on forward-thinking solutions.” – Dr. Laura Sremaniak

“His passion for chemistry and the ACS are why I am endorsing Bryan Balazs for ACS President-Elect.” – Dr. Elise Fox

“Bryan is a strong and effective leader both in his professional career and in his unstinting efforts in behalf of the ACS. I truly value his warmth, caring, and sense of humor. I cannot think of anyone better qualified to lead the ACS than Bryan Balazs.” – Barbara Pressey Sitzman

“Bryan’s depth of knowledge of the ACS from the past, and a vision for the future makes him a great candidate for the President of the American Chemical Society. I cannot think of a better person than Bryan Balazs to be the President-Elect of the American Chemical Society and I endorse him whole-heartedly.” – Naresh Sunkara

“Bryan’s commitment to the success of younger chemists is inspiring and he is truly a mentor.” – Jens Breffke

“I appreciate Bryan’s recognition of the importance of undergraduate education to the future of the Society.  I know that he will bring this same enthusiasm for education to the Presidency of the ACS.” – Professor Matt Mio

“Bryan is an ACS Career Consultant, which is helpful in keeping him be in touch with the current status of today’s employment situation for chemists and the changes that are occurring (international positions/assignments, student debt/loans, contract/temporary employment, etc.).”– James (Jim) Tatera

“I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically support Bryan Balazs’ candidacy for President Elect of the American Chemical Society.  His broad experience in ACS governance and support of the Society’s role in the chemical enterprise are well documented. ” – John H Engelman D. Sc., 2010 ACS Fellow


What was it they were saying about kissing babies while on the campaign trail…?

Younger chemists are the future of our Society!!

Younger chemists are the future of our Society!!