Public Outreach

For over 10 years, the California Section of the American Chemical Society has organized science outreach events at middle and high schools in the Bay Area. Many of these have been part of National Chemistry Week, an initiative through the ACS for over two decades. Here are some of the pictures of the fun I’ve had at these incredible events! The interest in science by the students and their parents is simply amazing.


The latest event organized in my section was at Thornton Junior High School in Fremont, CA. Here are a few pictures of me doing my stage show from that event.

NCW 2013 4(lo-res)

Bryan with helper Raymond Souza and the ethanol flame demo

NCW 2013 6

Bryan with helper Raymond Souza and the acrylic oxygen rocket

NCW 2013 3

Bryan and Raymond Souza and Elephant’s Toothpaste (always a crowd-pleaser!!)

NCW 2013 7

After the show, the students had lots of questions.