My Platform

Let’s focus on our members.


Members are our Most Important Assets. The employment and early stage research environment for chemists has changed considerably in recent years, and we must work to address the difficulties that too many of our members face, meeting their employment, career, and technical needs at every level and in every sector. If we don’t serve all of our members, we don’t have a membership society. It’s that simple. We cannot tolerate an outcome where, after a significant investment in education, employment and career challenges threaten to undermine the scientific potential of many chemists. Improving this situation is my top priority.

Advocacy for Our Profession. The environment that chemistry faces is one of the most challenging in recent memory despite the fact that the benefits that chemistry can offer humanity and our world are greater than ever before. Sustained efforts in scientific education and research are increasingly required for our overall well-being, but all too often, chemistry – and often science in general – is viewed by the public with distrust, apprehension, confusion, and the resulting lack of enthusiasm, let alone support. We must not simply ignore or dismiss their viewpoints, but we must better communicate how chemical research continues to benefit humanity and our world.

Education. I firmly believe that education is fundamental to everything we strive to achieve through the ACS. While the U.S. higher education system remains second to none, we also have to consider the fact that many students enter a field of study for the job prospects upon graduation and how much debt they might accumulate to get to that point. How will this affect the students who might want to study chemistry, and what are the implications for the future labor market for chemists?

We Must Work Together. My vision is that “Chemistry for Life” is not just a catchy slogan, but rather that it describes the relationship that ACS has with its members, their careers, and our profession. I am one person, but we are a respected and influential society with almost 160,000 members represented through our local sections, division, and affiliates. Together, we can achieve this vision. I will keep my promise: I will partner with you to address the above issues, and I would be honored to have your vote.