My oral statement at the March 2015 Town Hall Meeting

Good Afternoon! As an enthusiastic ACS volunteer and advocate for chemistry, I’m truly humbled and honored to be one of the four nominees here before you.


Let me give a brief summary of how I got here. After finishing my PhD in chemistry at Caltech in 1992, I’ve spend my entire career as a chemist at a National Lab, starting as a post-doc up to my current position of Associate Program Leader. I did laboratory research, I published, I spoke at conferences and traveled internationally, and I moved from small group interactions to managing large, complex projects with components of experimental science, theory and modeling, and real world politics.


My ACS activities also took me down an ever-broadening path: From local sections to divisions, from National Chemistry Week to the International Chemistry Olympiad, from Councilor to national and international ACS committees, all of these have provided me a vision of how the ACS and its members contribute to the broader chemical enterprise.


These experiences have clarified the things that are important to us, and the priorities that I would bring to this position if elected. First, we are at heart a membership organization, and we must place member services and retention as one of our top priorities. Second, education is at the heart of everything we strive to achieve, and education – at all levels – has always been my passion. And third, if we are to make progress in resolving many other issues such as jobs, or funding for Research and Development, we must continue to demonstrate to the public and our government how chemistry has impacted – and will continue to impact – aspects of their lives that matter to them.

If I had but three words to describe my leadership traits, they would be Integrity, Passion, and Collaboration. I also firmly believe in vision, and my vision is that the ACS is part of the professional lives of practicing chemists around the world, whether through publications, conferences, collaborations, networking, or local volunteer activities. Maybe all of the above!

Our society has a unique combination of assets exhibited by no other scientific society of this magnitude – the vitality of our local sections, the prestige of our technical divisions and publications, and the impact we have on an international scale. We truly are in an exiting time for chemistry, and I believe my skills and qualifications are an ideal match for the office of ACS President. I’d like to work with you to lead us into this exciting future

Thank you.