“Almost half a century ago Alan Nixon stated that the first responsibility of the ACS is to its members.  He and I fought for moving the Society in this direction.  Bryan strongly believes in this.  He is very concerned that young graduates take many months to find jobs. He recognizes that the supply and demand in our profession is out of balance and he wants to solve the problem.  He has a strong experience in the ACS Governance chairing and being member of various pertinent committees, he knows how to bring about changes.  He will be a very effective President in these difficult times.” – Attila E. Pavlath, ACS President 2001

“Bryan Balazs has been a truly outstanding colleague in ACS.  While having the pleasure of serving together on the council-elected Committee on Committees, I found Bryan to be a natural and caring leader.  He is fully engaged in bringing new ideas to the Society while encouraging broad input and importantly, follows through to turn those ideas into results!  I believe we can count on an ACS presidency under Bryan to be one of active attention across key segments that are critically important to our future success…addressing member needs, reducing employment gaps and advocating for chemical education.  I fully support his candidacy based on his broad experience, strong ACS leadership and ability to bring fresh prospective to difficult problems then work tirelessly to achieve solutions.” – Dawn A. Brooks, Ph.D., 2014 ACS Fellow, Former chair of Committee on Committees (ConC) and the Women Chemists Committee (WCC) and Indiana Section Councilor


“I have known Dr. Balazs for a number of years. I had the pleasure of working with him when we both served on the Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs. I was very impressed with his action and results oriented approach. He is dedicated and is passionate about education and helping members to advance their careers. He is open to new ideas and himself is full of ideas and has the discipline to put them in action. I believe that Dr. Balazs will use his energy, ideas and the commitment to the profession of chemistry to advance the cause of chemistry and the professionals in chemistry” – Dr. Sadiq Shah, Chair of the ACS Committee on Patents and Related Matters (CP&RM) and former Chair of the ACS Committee on Science (ComSci)


“I enthusiastically support Bryan Balazs for ACS President. Bryan is a strong and effective leader both in his professional career and in his unstinting efforts in behalf of the ACS. As one example of his leadership, while serving as chair of the society committee on education (SOCED), Bryan demonstrated his ability to lead with a clear agenda respected by members. Bryan energetically listened to others while he encouraged and built on the strengths of various individuals to form strong teams. As chair of the SOCED K-12 subcommittee, I received the mentorship and support from Bryan that helped pave the way for the Board-Presidential Task Force on Education and ultimately the formation of the American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT). This expertise has been manifested by Bryan through his service on multiple boards and committees within the ACS. I truly value his warmth, caring, and sense of humor. I cannot think of anyone better qualified to lead the ACS than Bryan Balazs.”   – Barbara Pressey Sitzman, high school chemistry teacher (Los Angeles Unified School District), 2009 ACS Fellow, Councilor Southern California Local Section, member Project SEED


“We enthusiastically endorse Bryan Balazs for 2016 ACS President-Elect! He has been a strong proponent of chemistry education and cares passionately about all students. He understands that the chemistry students of today are the chemistry workforce of tomorrow. While chair of the Society Committee on Education, Bryan worked to foster communication between two-year and four-year colleges, which informed the writing of the ACS Guidelines for Chemistry in Two-Year College Programs. He was also an early supporter of the American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT) through his contributions to the Board-Presidential Task Force on Education. He has the vision, passion, and compassion to lead the Society.” – John Clevenger, ACS Fellow, Emeritus Professor, Truckee Meadows Community College, Thomas Higgins, Professor, Harold Washington College, One of the City Colleges of Chicago


“Bryan’s passion is evident in his personal interactions with chemists at many different levels and with many different backgrounds, and he has clearly demonstrated a willingness to help carry out the mission of the ACS from his activities in his local section up through numerous contributions at the national and international levels. He approaches his contributions through hands-on engagement, and he does not shy away from rolling up his sleeves to lead activities and get work done. I applaud his willingness to be a candidate for ACS 2016 President-Elect, and I know he will do an awesome job if elected.” – Dr. Amber S. Hinkle, Vice President HSEQ-OS Baytown, Bayer Material Science


“Bryan Balazs has been an outstanding leader for the California Section and in the council of the ACS. He is thoughtful, speaks up on critical issues, and volunteers for all kinds of events within the section. Further, Bryan brings excellent experience interacting with non-US chemistry groups through his work with the Olympiad and Pacifichem. Bryan brings an energy to his presentations that engages his audience to connect with the message, a very important requirement for an ACS President. I highly recommend Bryan for ACS President-Elect to bring his knowledge of the ACS and commitment to advancing the role of science in the US and the world.” – Lee Latimer, Ph.D., Councilor in the California Section and former chair of the ASC Local Section Activities Committee


“I can wholeheartedly support Bryan Balazs’s candidacy for President of the American Chemical Society. Bryan has worked tirelessly for the Society and the profession of chemistry. His service on many committees has demonstrated his commitment to supporting the Society’s priorities, as well as his deep concern for promoting both a positive view of chemistry among the public and enhanced chemical employment opportunities in the United States. I interacted with him most strongly during his years as a member and later as chair of the Society Committee on Education. Bryan was a thoughtful leader and an ardent supporter of the Society’s key role in promoting all levels of education in the chemical sciences. His sound judgement, strong communication skills, professional experience at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, and extensive prior service to the ACS are all factors that make him an excellent choice for the office of President.” – Professor Joe Heppert, Professor and Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies, University of Kansas, and former Chair of the ACS Society Committee on Education (SOCED).


“I consider Dr. Bryan Balazs an excellent candidate for ACS President Elect. Bryan has not only served the ACS in several leadership capacities nationally, but he is also invested in his ACS local section. Another notable contribution to our field is his leadership of the International Chemistry Olympiad. Bryan not only has his finger on the pulse of the society and the pressures that face us today, but he can clearly articulate the concerns of the membership and work with all constituencies on forward-thinking solutions.” – Dr. Laura Sremaniak, NC Local Section


I highly recommend Dr. Bryan Balazs as ACS President.  Our society will be exceptionally well served by having such a qualified and outstanding candidate steer our society in the three year Presidential succession. I am serving now with Bryan on the Committee on Committees (ConC) and know he has a deep commitment to Public Outreach, ACS Governance at the local and national levels, and a special commitment to advancing the interests of Education. His breadth of involvement is extensive, from chairing the California local section to chairing the national ACS SOCED committee. – Dr. Mitchell Bruce, ACS Fellow 2014, current member of ConC, former Chairs of LSAC and Project SEED


“I have had the pleasure of working with Bryan during his service as the Committee on Committees (CONC) liaison to both the Younger Chemists Committee (YCC) and the Committee on Environmental Improvement (CEI). He has not only the demonstrated commitment to ACS through his service on the National and Local Section level, but also has the vital knowledge of how ACS works to make his vision a reality.   His passion for chemistry and the ACS are why I am endorsing Bryan Balazs for ACS President-Elect.” – Dr. Elise Fox, ACS Committee on Environmental Improvement, and 2014 Chair of Energy and Fuels Division (ENFL)


“I’ve known Bryan since we served together on the Graduate Education Advisory Board of the ACS in 2007. He was simultaneously working on the ACS Board-Presidential Task Force on Education at that time. The vision, expertise and leadership that Bryan brought to the table, as well as his understanding of undergraduate, graduate education and the tools needed for professional growth and development were outstanding! Even though I was a graduate student member then, Bryan extended the same respect and attention to my ideas and opinions, making him very personable and a great team player to work with. When I approached Bryan for advice on professional advancement after graduate school, he made the effort to introduce me to several people, which was very beneficial. Bryan made it a point to stay connected and was always available to provide advice when needed.

I’ve always been surprised by Bryan’s dedication, commitment and persistence towards the development of the American Chemical Society! The amount of time and effort he spends on ACS almost makes it look like he has two full time jobs: a paid job at LLNL, and an unpaid job at ACS! His sincerity and passion are incomprehensible, which is what makes organizations like the ACS continue to serve the chemical community. Bryan is qualified; he’s caring and he’s personable! From the lessons he learned from the previous election, he has made an increased effort to grow as a leader and continued his contributions both within and outside of ACS. His depth of knowledge of the ACS from the past, and a vision for the future makes him a great candidate for the President of the American Chemical Society. I cannot think of a better person than Bryan Balazs to be the President-Elect of the American Chemical Society and I endorse him wholeheartedly.” – Naresh Sunkara, Special Advisor to the Vice-Chancellor for research, University of California, Berkeley; Founder & CEO, Nosocom Solution Inc.


“Bryan Balazs is uniquely qualified to become the next President-Elect of the American Chemical Society. I met Bryan when he joined Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as a post-doc just out of grad school. At that time he enthusiastically joined in the activities of our local ACS Section. Since the beginning of his involvement, he has worked tirelessly at ever-higher levels of the organization while continuing active serve to his local section. Over the years he has not only served as Chair of the California Section, but he was been involved in National Chemistry Week and Family Science Night programs, the Women Chemists Committee, the Younger Chemists Committee and Chemistry Olympiad outreach. Governance at the local section level is a priority that Bryan has thoroughly supported.

At the same time Bryan has served on numerous committees at the national level, including chairing the International Chemistry Olympiad that was hosted in the USA two years ago. This is what is so unique about Bryan as an ACS Presidential Candidate. He has been fully involved in both local and national activities for many years and has a clear understanding of the needs of all our members.

Please, join me in supporting Bryan Balazs for President-Elect of the American Chemical Society.” – Mary F. Singleton, ACS Fellow


“I have known Bryan for several years now by serving on the YCC where he is our Committee on Committtees liaison.  His passion accompanied by many years of ACS experience made him an invaluable asset to our committee work.  His commitment to the success of younger chemists is inspiring and he is truly a mentor.  In my work promoting international collaborations with other younger chemists worldwide benefit from his support helping me to maneuver through ACS policies and referred to collateral efforts in other committees.  I support Bryan Balazs for President of the ACS because I believe in his commitment and experiences!”  – Jens Breffke, International Presence Workgroup Leader on the Younger Chemists Committee


“I have very much enjoyed working with Bryan on SOCED’s Undergraduate Programs Advisory Board. He brings a unique perspective to the conversation and I appreciate his recognition of the importance of undergraduate education to the future of the Society. I know that he will bring this same enthusiasm for education to the Presidency of the ACS.” – Matt Mio, Chair, ACS Undergraduate Program Advisory Board


“I met Bryan when we both served on the ACS Committee for Economic and Professional Affairs.  I came to respect him as a thoughtful and conscientious contributor.  Since those days I have met Bryan at several National meetings and as his resume depicts, I have found him to be a dedicated long term ACS volunteer and supporter.  He is an ACS Career Consultant, which is helpful in keeping him be in touch with the current status of today’s employment situation for chemists and the changes that are occurring (international positions/assignments, student debt/loans, contract/temporary employment, etc.).  He has led several ACS student outreach activities, like the Chemistry Olympiad Program (Chair of the International Chemistry Olympiad hosted by the U.S. in 2012 + more).   To me these examples demonstrate leadership experience and reflect an interest and commitment to both the present and future of our chemistry profession and the ACS.  I believe that these are important commitments/characteristics for a future ACS  President and that Bryan has already demonstrated them.  I am happy to endorse Bryan’s Presidential Candidacy.”– James (Jim) Tatera, retired industrial chemist, part time consultant, former and present service on national ACS committees and in many local section offices and committees, current Louisville Section Councilor


“I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically support Bryan Balazs’ candidacy for President Elect of the American Chemical Society. I have known Bryan for several years having worked with him both on committees and as a career consultant. His broad experience in ACS governance and support of the Society’s role in the chemical enterprise are well documented. This experience along with his people and communication skills will serve the ACS and its members in the upcoming times.” – John H Engelman D. Sc., 2010 ACS Fellow, Former chair of Division of Chemical Technicians, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Division and Committee on Technicians Activities