What are others saying about my platform?

“Finally – someone running for ACS President is talking about a real issue.”

“I very much agree with you. You have my vote.”

“You are absolutely correct that ‘it is an increasingly difficult time to launch and maintain a career in chemistry.’”

“Your energy and enthusiasm is exactly what is needed to engage the next generation of chemists.”

“I want say thank you for the email. I wish you the very best in your campaign. I do believe under the right leadership we will reach our true potential!”

“I totally agree with what you intend to do as ACS president. You have my vote and I hope that you will make a difference to the life of so many young chemists who are seeking employment.”

“You are stating exactly the right things. You have my vote, personal support and I want to share your message.”

“I am glad to see your focus – I have been member of the ACS for a long time and never seen anything important (other than yearly dues/invoices). I hope you will bring some changes.”

“Reading your platform statement was very refreshing. You are saying what I have been thinking for years, and this is the first time I have seen such statements from any ACS candidate in over twenty years.”

“I wish you success trying to improve the situation for all chemists regardless of their experience.”

“I’m relieved to hear that you want to alleviate the employment issues that early career chemists face.”